Lawrence Tate

Posted: 9th January 2011 by rhodeuk in Cast and Crew
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Lawrence Tate

Planning permission was granted by Kent Surrealist County Council (KSCC) for the construction of the tall and aromatic monument to ‘acting casual’ – Lawrence Tate. Due to shortages in materials and rising labour costs, Lawrence was eventually finished on time but ran to more than six times over budget. Formed largely out of wattle and crisps, he holds an ambition to become the world’s first human mosaic. The plaque, which is really made from further crisps, reads:

‘I hate crisps. How dare you imply I must like them. What, because you half made me from them I must love them?? They cut your mouth. You are just rude!’

KSCC refused to comment on the plaque but did decide to place a heavy fine on Lawrence Tate for ‘not acting in the casual manner befitting a monument dedicated to acting casual’. Lawrence Tate responded by ending the surrealist portion of this biography. The crisps were ethically sourced.

Lawrence has enjoyed acting since the age of five and holds a deep respect for most comedy and it’s actors. After years of making people laugh and at Chichester College, he spent two years training to act at The Poor School in King’s Cross, London. He has since performed in fringe theatre, before returning to Chichester as part of the Goodwood Actor’s Guild and is very happy and proud to be a part of Finsbury, which is his debut in radio comedy. He looks forward to hopefully a lot more of the same.

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