Mr. Squeaky

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Mr. Squeaky is a guinea pig. He comes from Dimension 8887C where guinea pigs are the dominant race. Mr Squeaky was a cop and patrolled the mean streets of New Guineaork. When Thee Company infiltrated the dimension and started taking control, his partner started to ask awkward questions and found himself at the business end of a rubber glove.

 Mr Squeaky saw the city and all decent folks go to shit, so he gave everything up; his wife, hutch in the suburbs and 52 pups. He hit the bottle and occasionally drank from it; he slept whenever he fell asleep. He became a mercenary, fighting wars for the highest bidder. His rippling weapon of a body was scarred and torn, his demons haunted him.  For all his years in the wilderness, he acquired endless skills, the extent of which are only just becoming apparent.  TACACA pulled him up from the gutter with the promise of a new life and the possibility of revenge against Thee Company.

Played by Alex McCann

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