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Shaun’s glass of life is always half full.  He was the cool guy at school who wasn’t afraid to have a few uncool friends, like Jack.   He knew he wasn’t very academic, so didn’t bother with university; a decision that he has never regretted.

 He is in advertising and has worked his way up to a management level.  He lives for his mates and is a loyal friend; he’d never ditch them for a girl or to get ahead at work. 

 Shaun has strong morals but only wants to see and believe the good in people.  This means he can be manipulated, which can cause conflict between those who are close to him, like Sophia and Jack.   He’s the voice of reason, sanity and normality in Jack’s world.  Shaun lends a sympathetic but slightly concerned ear to Jack’s ramblings about the other worlds.  He doesn’t call the doctors or jeopardise Jack’s chances of getting custody of Chris.

Played by Sean Cameron

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